Back to the Heart of Worship

This is a devotional meant for young adults seeking to become more like Jesus.  

Hebrews 12:28

28 Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe,

10 Songs I Love for Worship

These 10 songs shape my reverence of Christ. While we wait for our return to corporate worship, we can continue the practice of praise thanks to Spotify and Apple Music. These songs are not in a particular order, nor grouped by similar theme. These are just how they appeared as I scrolled through my playlists.


Hillsong Worship
This song echoes a theme evident in the Bible and in our lives: God has a time for everything and His timing is intentional. It’s hard to form patience when we live a culture that expects immediacy. This song reminds me to see God as a good and gracious planner.

Scandal of Grace (I'd be Lost)

Hillsong UNITED
I discovered this song while working at a summer camp. I heard it since I was in high school but this version was different because of the added lyric, “I’d be lost without you, now I’m found singing your praise.” I love this version because the additional line sums up the actual cost of Jesus’ death and resurrection.


Mosaic MSC
It’s easy to picture Christ as he is portrayed in most Sunday schools, soft spoken with a lamb pacified in his arms. What I love about this song is that it grounds the truth that Jesus is powerful and that he is good. So good and so powerful that darkness quakes in the presence of his name.

Into the Deep (Live)

Citipointe Live
We delight in the Lord when we see His immense depth. This song centers me because of its truth. No matter how big my sin or fear, God is bigger. He covers all of it and immerses us in His love.

On and On

This song brings me joy because it shows how God searches for us even when we hide. We can’t outrun His goodness when he is in full pursuit. We cannot move beyond God’s love.

How Deep

Kings Kaleidoscope
Chances are that you’ve listened to Chad Gardener before. If not, let me introduce you to one of the most creative and honest Christian artists alive. All of his songs are great but I highlight this song for one particular reason. The symphonic music builds in intensity as truth after truth is laid down. This compiles until the loud resolve, the climax of the Gospel, when Jesus traded in his life for ours. The music reflects the emotions we feel when we understand the good news.

Satisfied in You (Psalm 42)

The Sing Team
This song contrasts from the others in this list because it counts more as a lament. A dear friend shared this song during a season when words were of little comfort. Worship counts when we call out to God in agony as well in joy. This song reminds me to bring my sorrow to the One who can bring healing and satisfaction in the midst of pain.

I Don’t Wanna Go

Chris Renzema
I love this song for its allusion to biblical characters like David and Moses. It reflects real humanity and raw emotions from these stories. Suddenly it’s not words on a page, but an imperfect person striving to follow God with everything they have.

This is a Move (Live)

Tasha Cobbs Leonard
You may have noticed that there is more than one live recording featured in this list. I don’t mind songs that are recorded in the studio, but there is something special about live performances. They capture spontaneity and a spiritual movement happening within the congregation. This song makes me feel like I’m looking at a full church who are lost in worship. I love it.

Christ be Magnified

Cody Carnes
This song is the most recent addition to my playlist. I love its message to make Christ the main attraction of our lives. I will always turn up the volume in my car when it begins to play.

Those are my current go-tos, so now it’s your turn. What are your favorite worship songs? Share them in the comments below.