June 28, 2020

Grove Kids
Sunday Service

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Message to Parents

The verse you’ll be reading with your kids (below; Colossians 3:9-11) starts off by saying, “Do not lie to one another”.  As parents, we can usually deflect the lies that are thrown at us on a daily basis but what about our kids?  This world is consistently hitting our kids with lies about money, media, marriage and our Messiah!

Here’s a quick article that speaks directly to that and has references if you’d like to dive into overcoming these problems with our kids. 

The 5 Lies Kids Believe

Lie 1: Success Means Being Rich and Famous
Lie 2: It’s Okay to Be Dishonest…Sometimes
Lie 3: It Doesn’t Matter What I Watch or Listen To
Lie 4: Marriage isn’t that Important
Lie 5: Religion is for Old People

Now with your kids…

Plop down with your kids and read Colossians 3:9-11.

Go find the darkest pair of sunglasses you have—maybe you can even borrow some from your mom or dad. Put them on inside and notice how it makes everything look so much closer to the same color. Putting on the glasses gives you a new perspective and makes everything look pretty similar.

Just like today, when Jesus was on the earth, people weren’t always great about loving everyone and realizing that everyone is equally loved by God. But Jesus showed us what it means to love each other by the way He treated everyone—Pharisee and sinner, Jew and Gentile, adult and child—the same. And when we follow Jesus, we will see others the way He does: with love for all.

Listen to what God says about His children: we are equal in His sight.

-Pastor Clark and the Grove Kid Leaders.

Grove Kids | Sunday Notes

Reach Out, I’ll Be There

Peter Goes to the House of Cornelius
Acts 10

Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being sure of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1, NIrV

Knowing Jesus changes the way you see others.

Faith—Trusting in what you can’t see because of what you can see

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

We finish the month in Acts 10 as we pick up Peter’s story. Through a pretty crazy dream and encounter with a non-Jewish follower of Jesus, Peter learns that the message of Jesus if for everyone. Peter had to change his mind about Gentiles because God was now including them in what He was doing in the world through Jesus.

Bottom Line: Knowing Jesus changes the way you see others. We might not always get along with everyone, but Jesus can help us see each other the way God sees them. God loves each and every one of us just as He’s made us. We should love and accept each other just as God loves and accepts us.

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