AUGUST 30, 2020

Grove Kids
Sunday Service

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Message to Parents

We all want our kids to have the confidence to look at the person they’re speaking to, be polite and respectful with others and do the right thing even when it’s not the popular thing to do! So besides drilling these values into our kids on a daily basis, how do we teach that? Here’s seven strategies you can use with your kids to build their confidence and ease your stress level.

-Pastor Clark and the Grove Kid Leaders.

Now with your kids...

Grab your Bible and a flashlight get ready to experience Jesus with your kids! Here’s your theme…Creativity is imagining what you could do because you were made in God’s image.

Parents, grab your flashlight and head to the darkest room in your house (like a bathroom without windows) with your kids. Grab your Bible, turn off the bathroom light, close the door and count with your kids to sixty. When you finish counting, turn on the flashlight and read your Bible verses.

Read Matthew 5:14-16

If you didn’t make it the whole sixty seconds, that’s ok, try again if you like (depending on how afraid they are of the dark)? Ask them: “Would you want to live in darkness like that all the time? No way! You wouldn’t know where to go and you’d probably be a little scared.”

“You know, in the same way, that’s what it feels like for a person who doesn’t know the good news about Jesus. They’re really in the dark without a purpose. Imagine not knowing that you were made by God because He loves you. Imagine never hearing that Jesus loves you and that He made a way for you to be a part of God’s family forever?”

Wrap it up by telling them: “You are like that flashlight to the people around you. Because you were made by God to share His story, it’s up to you to shine a light and point others to God.”

Let them know that “every time you hit a light switch this week, we’re going to ask God to help you be a light and tell others about Jesus by the words you say and the way you act!”

Grove Kids | Sunday Notes

Where You Lead

Salt and Light Matthew 5:13-16

Lord, you are great. You are really worthy of praise.
No one can completely understand how great you are.
Psalm 145:3, NIrV

God created you to share His story.

Creativity—Imagining what you could do because you’re made in God’s image

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

We finish up the series with something Jesus said, found in Matthew 5:13-16. Jesus told the people listening to the Sermon on the Mount, You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill can’t be hidden, (Matthew 5:14, NIrV). When we tap into God created us, we can use our gifts and talents to point others to Jesus.

Bottom Line: God created you to share His story. God created each of us for a reason, a major part of that is to share His love with others. How we treat people and the words we say are important. We pray that kids start to realize how they can share Jesus with those around them.

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