October 18, 2020

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Message to Parents

One of our biggest concerns and prayers as a parent is that our kids would have good friends that would be a positive influence in their life.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  We see or hear about encounters with friends that cause us to worry about their wellbeing.  So what do we do?  One of the best ways to serve our kids and assist them in rising above these kinds of friends is to show them how.  Here’s 5 ways to help them resolve (or at least reduce) these issues by teaching them strategies they can use throughout their lives.  We hope this helps!

Now with your kids...

Grab your Bible and your Golden Rule mindset and get ready to experience Jesus with your kids!  Here’s your theme…Integrity means choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.

Read Luke 6:31 together.

Share with them“Todays’ verse is often called the golden rule. Jesus taught us this rule so we would know how to treat each other. But this is especially true when it comes to integrity! Strong friendships are built on trust.”

Ask them“How would you change the scenarios below so that the person treats you the way you want to be treated? Your sister breaks something of yours. When you ask her what happened, she says she never touched it.”

“Your best friend passes out invitations to her birthday party at school. It’s the end of the day and you haven’t received one. When you ask her about it, she denies that she passed out invitations at all.”

“Your friend borrowed your favorite pencil sharpener without asking. When you say something to him, he lies and says he hasn’t seen it.”

During your prayers with them, ask God to help you treat others the way you want to be treated so you build trust!

Grove Kids | Sunday Notes

A Matter of Trust

Naaman and Elisha’s Servant 2 Kings 5
Anyone who lives without blame walks safely. But anyone who takes a crooked path will get caught. Proverbs 10:9, NIrV

When you’re not truthful, you lose trust.

Integrity—Choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do

I need to make the wise choice.

In week three, we head to 2 Kings 5 where we find the prophet Elisha and his servant named Gehazi. Gehazi seized the chance to use dishonest to take advantage of Naaman’s gratitude and get riches for himself. He went behind Elisha’s back, denied his actions, and inevitably lost Elisha’s trust.

Bottom Line: When you’re not truthful, you lose trust. Being truthful is not just about the lie you tell and the consequence you might receive. When you don’t have integrity, people will start to see that you’re not really who you say you are.

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