January 31, 2021

Rules for Life: Play well. Finish Strong

LIFE APPLICATION | Responsibility—Showing you can be trusted with what is expected of you

MEMORY VERSE | Suppose you can be trusted with something very little. Then you can also be trusted with something very large.

Luke 16:10a, NIrV

Grove Kids | Sunday Notes


Say What You Need to Say

Use Words Wisely | Ephesians 4:29

BASIC TRUTH | I need to make the wise choice.

We finish the month with something Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:29. Paul writes, Don’t let any evil talk come out of your mouths. Say only what will help to build others up and meet their needs, (NIrV). Our words have power to help or hurt others. When it comes to our rules for life, what we say and how we speak matters.

Bottom Line: Use your words wisely. Words are important, but even as adults we tend to use them without thinking. We hope that as kids hear more about what Paul wrote in Ephesians, they’ll understand that how they use their words can show God’s love to others.

Message to Parents

As a parent have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I had time to share these kid moments with their grandparents, but there’s just too much going on”.  We totally get it, with these amazing and wonderful children that we have been blessed with, this life seems to go by faster and gets busier every year! 

Here’s the problem…there’s no way to know when that time with your parents will be gone.  I wish my kids could have seen the smile on my Mom’s face or listen to the wisdom that she shared with me.  I wish they had more time to experience the life and adventures of both my in-laws, but now that time is gone.  Make the time to reach out to those you love and let your kids get to know them!!!  Here’s a quick article to help you do that…

10 Things All Grandparents Need To Hear  

Now for your Kids...

Grab your Bible, a tube of toothpaste, a paper plate and get ready to experience Jesus with your kids!  Here’s your theme…Responsibility means showing you can be trusted with what is expected of you.

Read Psalm 141:3 with your kids!

Now grab a small tube of toothpaste and a paper plate. Instruct them to squeeze out some toothpaste onto the plate.

Say to them, “Okay, now see if you can get that toothpaste back into the tube.”

“That toothpaste is like the words we choose. Just like you can’t push toothpaste back in a tube once it’s on the toothbrush, you cannot take back harsh or unkind words. That’s why it’s important to be responsible and use your words wisely.”

“Think back over your day yesterday. Did you speak unkind words to someone else? If you did, you should tell the person you hurt that you’re sorry. Then pray and tell God you’re sorry too. Ask Him to help you guard the door of your lips so that you are careful with the words you choose.”

This is a great lesson for any age!!!  Have fun!!!

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