April 4, 2021

Reconnect: Build the Bridge

LIFE APPLICATION | Peace – Proving you care more about each other than winning an argument

MEMORY VERSE | So let us do all we can to live in peace. And let us work hard to build up one another.

Romans 14:19, NIrV

Grove Kids | Sunday Notes




Colossians 1:20 and John 20:1-18   BASIC TRUTH | I can trust God no matter what.

We kick off the month with something Paul writes about Jesus in Colossians 1:20 and John 20:1-18. On Easter Sunday, we want to make sure that kids know how they can have a relationship with Jesus. Throughout the entire Bible, we see God’s plan to make peace with us. In the second part the Colossians verse, Paul reminds us that it’s through what Jesus did on the cross that the world can be right with God again.

Bottom Line: God made peace with us. God went to great lengths to fix what was wrong between us and Him. When God looked across humanity and saw the brokenness of our relationship with Him, He proved He cared about us by sending Jesus, His only Son to die— to build a bridge and resolve the conflict that existed. Now, Jesus is alive, and we can have a relationship with God that lasts forever.

Message to Parents

Does it seem like the Easter basket of candy gets bigger and bigger every year?  Now, let me set the record straight right off the bat…I’m a huge fan of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs and the Peeps Sugar Bunnies but over the years it seems like we’re giving the same thing to our girls…sugar, sugar and more sugar!  Not this year!!!  Let’s throw a little true Easter into it shall we?!  Here’s a list 24 links of things you can add to the sugary goodness of the Easter experience that help our kids to recognize the reason for the season!

Easter Basket Ideas-24 Gifts To Grow Your Child’s Faith

Now for your Kids...

Grab your Bible, an empty box, wrapping supplies and get ready to experience Jesus with your kids!  Here’s your theme…Peace means proving you care more about each other than winning an argument.

Read John 14:27 with your kids.

Explain to them, “When Jesus came to earth, many hoped that He would be a leader who would rule and bring peace. And Jesus did come to bring peace, but not in the way they expected. Jesus came to bring us peace in our hearts.”

“God sent Jesus to pay the price for our sin. That’s the peace that Jesus brings. When we put our trust in Jesus and what He has done for us, we can have peace.”

Grab your box and wrapping supplies and create a beautiful present.  Tell them, “This present is to remind us all month of the peace that Jesus gave to us at Easter.”  Ask them, “We should probably write the word ‘PEACE’ on it…should we put it in big letters on the side, in the gift card to and from or maybe on the bow?”

After you decorate and label your box, pray with them and thank God for sending Jesus to bring the gift of PEACE to you in a way that only He could.

Have fun celebrating with your kids!!!

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