June 27, 2021

Press Play: Get in the Mix

LIFE APPLICATION | Confidence—Learning to see yourself the way God sees you

MEMORY VERSE | I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Psalm 27:13, NIV

Grove Kids | Sunday Notes


Fire on the Mountain

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

1 Kings 18:16-46

BASIC TRUTH | I can trust God no matter what.

We finish up the month in 1 Kings 18. Elijah showed confidence that God could do the impossible. When Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal, He believed that God would come through for him and send fire from heaven. So much so that he doubled-down on the challenge. God showed up and proved His power over the impossible.

Bottom Line: God can do the impossible. This simple bottom line is packed with some amazing truth. God has the power to do anything! When we believe that, it can change everything. We hope kids discover how they can live with confidence knowing this truth about God.

Message to Parents

Anyone have a wild child with an unyielding spirit?  These are the kids that are the “room-wreckers and reality checkers, fire-tongued and fierce leaders, wild-hearted and world-changers.”  If this sounds familiar in your home, here’s some inspirational words to get you through your week!

Raising The Wild Child, There Is Hope!

Now for your Kids...

Grab your Bible, an open heart and get ready to experience Jesus with your kids!  Here’s your theme…Confidence means to see yourself the way God sees you!

Read Psalm 27:13 with your kids.

Ask your kids, “Have you ever faced a tough situation that you couldn’t see ever getting better? Maybe there’s a mean group of girls at school that have started leaving you out at recess. Maybe you’re having trouble with reading while everyone else thinks it’s easy (insert a tough time in your life as a kid).  When we face tough stuff, sometimes we lose our confidence.”

Now share with them, “That’s when it so important for us to remember that nothing is impossible for God. He raised Jesus back to life! Jesus died on the cross. It was the darkest day in history. But three days later, Jesus came BACK to life! God did the impossible! No matter what the situation, God is bigger.”

Now it’s their turn, ask them about something tough they’re facing right now. Then share with them how they can focus on God’s goodness with confidence that He can do the impossible, even in this situation.

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