Grove Kids -November 20, 2022

Give Thanks - Trust God with what you have and what you don't have.

This Month’s Memory Verse:

Give Thanks – Trust God with what you have and what you don’t have.

This Month’s Virtue:

Gratitude – Being Thankful in all life situations

Remember God's provisions and promises.

The Israelites cross the Jordan | Joshua 3

In week three of our Gratitude series, we turn to Joshua 3. The Israelites had already seen numerous miracles performed by God to rescue them and show them He has not forgotten them and that He will not let them go. Let’s be a light to the children of Grove Kids to show them, God doesn’t give up on us. He is with us like he was Moses and the next generation. We can claim many of the same promises God gave those faithful men of the the Bible.

I can trust God no matter what.

Bottom Line

You can give thanks in all circumstances, because God provides.

You can be humble and thankful in all circumstances. God keeps the promises He makes. Always. We can trust every word, every miracle, and every deed God did for those who came before us and even this generation. God will not stop building His kingdom. We can be a faithful generation who shares the promises and truths of God with the next generation. In today’s story, we learn that Josua and his men built an altar to God to remind them of the continued promises of God. Do you have an altar to remember God’s good work in your life? if not, what could you build one for today?

Message to Parents

Have you ever thought you earned the bonus or that promotion, only to find out it was given to someone younger and with less experience? It often feels difficult to work hard, play by the rules, and invest all those long years toward something we don’t even own. The hope for the reward or promotion is great, but so is the letdown when it is not received. I was sharing this devotion with my seven-year-old who said the hard part is “not to act rude and to show respect to the person who did get it”. Wow! Everything we needed to learn really did come from Kindergarten. I wonder if Moses felt that way when he learned he would not be entering the Promise Land. All this was lost by one recorded act of disobedience. The guy seemed to be doing everything right. For years, he lead the Israelites in the exact direction God told him. For those same years, under pressure from thousands of Israelites, he took their threats and insults. Those same years, he was the faithful one who worked hard, did what he was supposed to, showed up on time, and stayed late… sound familiar? Even after all that, anger filled in Moses’s heart and he acted on it. He struck that rock with unneeded force (see Numbers 20:10-13). An act of distrust to God. God saw his temper tantrum and told him he would not be entering the Promise Land. Forty+ years, he gave to this cause! If you didn’t think you could relate to Moses, here’s your chance. Here’s where I hope we continue to relate to him; Moses spent the last of his years mentoring Joshua, the young man who would take his position and take credit for leading the Israelites into the Promised Land. Woah! How about that for a plot twist? Still, Moses shows us how it’s to be done even after failure. His heart is still for God and His people. He still gets the ultimate promotion; heaven-bound. How is your heart after humans have let you down? Can you still mentor the next man or woman in line to receive God’s promises? Will they see in you a man/woman who is still trusting God in all circumstances? Are your children seeing this? I’m still working on it myself.

What Jesus says about our failures.

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