Grove Kids -February 5, 2023

Road Rules: Ride with Respect

This Month’s Memory Verse:

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31 NIV

This Month’s Virtue:

Respect—Showing others they are important by what you say and do

For the Sake of the Call

Calling of the Disciples | Luke 5:1-11, 27-32

We start the month in Luke 5:1-11, 27-32. Jesus had recently returned from 40 days in the desert and was ready to start His ministry. First, He chose 12 disciples who would learn from Him and eventually carry on the mission He gave them. Jesus could have chosen anyone to help Him. But instead of choosing the most religious or elite men at the time, Jesus chose men who more than likely had been overlooked by other religious leaders. These men might have felt like they missed their chance to learn from a rabbi, but little did they know that Jesus would give them a chance to change the world!

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Bottom Line

Include people who are left out.

One of the most significant ways we can show others they have value is by inviting them to be part of our lives. Kids are learning that not everyone gets included to play games and go to parties. We can show others how much God loves them by how we invite them to play, sit with us at lunch, or just have a conversation. We pray that kids will start to identify the people in their lives that they can respect in this way.

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