Our Story

our story

No single tree makes a grove, but a grove can start from just one tree. With this picture in mind, Jon and Samantha Kragel branched out from their 12 years of youth ministry work to start a new church in north Phoenix. With the vision of starting a church that would multiply into starting other churches, Mission Grove Church launched on October 7, 2018, at Wildfire Elementary, located in the heart of the Desert Ridge community. We are a non-denominational, Bible teaching church, with a casual feel, and contemporary worship. We long to be a church that starts churches that start churches. We desire to be FOR the community, as demonstrated by our weekend services, group ministries, and service projects here within the Valley.

our vision

We desire to help every man, woman, and child experience Jesus.

This is our why. It will always be our end goal.


our mission

We will accomplish our vision through planting the Gospel, growing disciples, and multiplying churches. 

We plant the Gospel because at the end of the day, it’s all about Jesus. Our job is to share, and God’s job is to save. We grow disciples through relationships, habits, and rhythms. We will multiply churches through developing and sending leaders.

This is our what. This our strategy to accomplish our vision.

Process, updated

What does church look like?

When you come to Mission Grove, you'll be welcomed, loved, and encouraged to experience Jesus. This has been our heartbeat from the very beginning. Checkout highlights from our very first service.