Grove Teens

A Place to Belong and Someone to Believe in Them


We know that raising teenagers isn’t easy, which is why we have incorporated the team concept in Grove Teens. We connect students, parents, and leaders together for the purpose of spiritual growth.  No matter where your teens are in their faith journey, we have a place for them. Our heart is to make Grove Teens the kind of ministry where no one stands alone. We desire for every teen to experience Jesus.



Sundays @ 9 and 10:30am

On Sunday mornings, Grove Teens provides two options to grow in your faith. First, we encourage students to go with their families to our worship services. We believe something special happens when generations come together to worship and learn about Jesus together. Second, we provide our students with the opportunity to serve in Grove Kids, our children’s ministry, (during our 9 am service) where they get the experience of leading and investing in others. From our experience, we’ve seen teens grow through being challenged to step up and lead, and therefore, we intentionally create opportunities for them to do so.

Small Groups

Small Groups are always on a Tuesday
at 6:30-8:30pm and at Pastor Clark's Home*

Other events

Along with weekly services, we also offer fun events and service projects throughout the year. If you would like to learn more about Grove Teens, please email Family Pastor, Clark Lund.