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What's So Amazing About Grace | Firm Foundation – Week One

How can you find faith and freedom in a deconstructed world? Today we begin a new series through biblical book of Galatians entitled, Firm Foundation, where Paul clarifies what the Gospel is, what the Gospel isn't, and what people should do about it and with it. The foundation of our faith is grace. Grace is God's righteousness at Christ's expense.


A Faith Worth Fighting For | Firm Foundation – Week Two

Rules have a place in society, but Christianity runs deeper than rules to a foundation built on values aligned with the Gospel. Today, in week two of our series, Firm Foundation, pastor Jon Kragel shares how the gospel frees us from the pressures of rules and the power of sin. Looking at Galatians 2, we see two battles Paul fought for the faith, centered around the dangers of legalism and hypocrisy.


Receiving & Unleashing the Holy Spirit | Firm Foundation – Week Three

Are you ready to receive and unleash the Holy Spirit in your life? Join us today online as pastor Jon Kragel continues our series, Firm Foundation, preaching through Galatians 3:1-14. Today, we'll look at the connection between experiencing the Holy Spirit and our faith.


The Power of a Promise | Firm Foundation – Week Four

Religion is based on performance and position. Christianity is based on the power and promises of God. Join us today as we continue our series, Firm Foundation, as pastor Jon Kragel shares the power that comes from being a child of God.


To Know & Be Known | Firm Foundation – Week Five

Sin wants to control you. God wants to know you. Today, as we continue our series, Firm Foundation, pastor Jon Kragel shares what it means to know and be known by God. He also shares 7 ways to know God and grow in your relationship with Him. Today's teaching comes from Galatians 4:8-29.


2 Freedoms | Firm Foundation – Week Six

Freedom has a price and a purpose. Our freedom was purchased by Christ's sacrifice, and our purpose is centered around being the people whom God has called us to be.