APRIL 5 | Online Service

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The Tale of Two Gardens

Two stories.Two perspectives.Two very different outcomes. Learn how to win the spiritual battle within your mind while crisis surrounds you. Please enjoy church online today, and know that we care for you. 

Build My Life - acoustic worship with Andrew Sandry

Good Grace - acoustic worship with Andrew Sandry

Grove Kids


Grove Kid's Parent,

Can you believe it’s almost Easter!!! This month we dive into a series called UPSIDE DOWN! Let’s face it, we live in a me-centered world, where most people act as if the world revolves around them. Figuring out how to be humble can be difficult. But we don’t have to figure this out on our own. When Jesus was on earth, He gave us the ultimate example of humility. Jesus is God, and He put that aside for us. Through His life and death, He also showed us how to serve others and put them first, which is exactly what we need to be doing these days! Hope you and your family can join us in our Grove Kids Sunday Videos as we look at life through this different UPSIDE DOWN lens.

-Pastor Clark and the Grove Kid Leaders.

Teaching our kids to put others first

How are we teaching our kids to put others first?
Here’s a great article to give you some quick tips on how to do just that!