Guest Speakers
Guest Speakers

Thank you so much for speaking at Mission Grove Church. Please let us know if there are special needs required during your visit by contacting Edwina at

Sermon Notes

  • Please submit your notes and images by the Wednesday before the Sunday you speak. We need time to create sermon notes digitally for you and printed copies and an online version for the congregation.
  • Please copy and paste your sermon content directly into an email, and send to We will then be able to copy and paste this text directly into the program used to create slides. 
  • Attach only images and/or videos to this email
  • Special Instructions: In your email, add special instructions in red (like reveal an underlined text, or reveal line by line) see image below.
  • If you submit a bible verse(s) without the verbiage, please let us know the version you would like us to use.


A carriage return lets us know this is a new slide begins


Here are examples of special instructions. You can also signify if there is an image or video played at that point.


If you have a long verse, we will separate it for you - there is no need to calculate where the slide will need to end.