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Key to All Relationships

FEBRUARY 14, 2021 The Key to All Relationships Philippians 2:1-11 February 14, 2021 No matter your stage in life, I’m guessing you want to have good relationships. No one grows up wanting to experience poor relationships with their spouse, their kids, their co-workers, or their friends. However, we all experience conflict from time to…

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How to Calm Your Mind in Chaos

FEBRUARY 7, 2021 How to Calm Your Mind in Chaos Philippians 1:12​-30 February 7, 2021 Watch this video to learn how to calm your mind in the midst of chaos. Are you battling anxiety? Are you fighting fear? Are you uncertain of your future? Based from Philippians 1:12​-30, pastor Jon Kragel shares how fixing…

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