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Jonah 4 – Mirrors and Windows

June 23, 2019 Jonah 4 – Mirrors and Window Runaway Bible Passage: Jonah 4 In the final week of our series, Runaway, pastor Jon Kragel shares how Jonah is both a mirror and a window. The story of Jonah is a mirror because it reflects the human heart. Jonah also serves as a window because…

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Jonah 3 – Surprising Grace

June 16, 2019 Jonah 3 – Surprising Grace Runaway Bible Passage: Jonah 3 In week three of our series, Runaway, pastor Jon Kragel shares who God’s grace is bigger than our past, our performance, and our prejudice. God used unlikely prophet (Jonah), with an unlikely sermon, to reach an unlikely receptive audience (Ninevites). Return to…

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Grace-Based Families

May 5, 2019 Grace-based Families Family Five Bible Passage: Various On our second week of our series, Family Five, we had the privilege of learning from guest speaker, Dr. Tim Kimmel, on the basic principles found in a Grace-based family. Return to all messages Take my next step of faith

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