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Why Prayer is a Response to Isolation

Even the proudest introverts are hitting their limit of solitude and crave personal interaction now. The silence in prayer can be mistakenly heard like the gong of rejection, denial, isolation.

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See You At the Pole

On Wednesday, September 25th, 30 minutes before the first bell, if possible, students are encouraged to gather at a school flagpole to pray at See You at the Pole. This is a national student-led prayer movement where kids will be praying for their school, friends, families, churches, and communities.

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Choose Your Weapon

March 3, 2019 Choose Your Weapon Faith Works Bible Passage: James 5:13-20 In the final week of our series, Faith Works, pastor Jon Kragel preaches from James 5:13-20, sharing how bold prayer honors God and transforms us. Return to all messages Take my next step of faith

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