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Keep the Moon in the Window

JANUARY 17, 2021 Keep the Moon in the Window Philippians 3:12-14 January 17, 2021 What are you going to do with your ambitions? In week three of our series, Dream Big, pastor Jon Kragel shares the key to accomplishing your goals for this year. If you want a breakthrough, you need to press through…

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Figuring Out Who You Are Suppose to Be

JANUARY 10, 2021 Figuring Out Who You’re Suppose to Be January 10, 2021 Are you trying to figure out who you’re suppose to be? As we begin 2021, we want to help you dream big. In week two of our series, pastor Clark Lund shares insights and next steps for those looking to figure…

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When Plans Change

October 4, 2020 When Plans Change October 4, 2020 When plans change, cling to your purpose. In the week before our grand opening at CB Live, pastor Jon Kragel shares how we can respond to situations changing in our lives. Return to all messages Take my next step of faith

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